'Haunting honeyed solo songwriter.' The Guardian

'A very talented young lady.' Michael Parkinson

'The sweetest voice in England.' Nanci Griffith

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The Mile Roses Edwina, Kate and Simon's Trio The Mile Roses x



Folk Images An amazing 25 year collection of folk artist & concert photographs by Roger Liptrot.



Folk & Roots A wonderful website, champion and resource for Folk, Roots & Acoustic music!



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Virtually Acoustic Club My favourite acoustic club in the whole world The Vac hosted by our esteemed flared leader the always wonderful Mister David Sherwood x



Bob Dylan My total hero the one and only Mr Bob Dylan.



Eddie Izzard How much I love this man! Genius, genius, lovely funny wonderful genius! x x x



Moonbeams Leila Slater's wonderful Acoustic night!



Nanci Griffith One of my all-time favourite ladies and biggest inspirations Nanci Griffith



Paul Liddell This guy is so talented and lovely with it! If you've not seen one of his shows then I really recommend you catch one when you can! Amazing!



Carissa Lee Broadwater Not only is Carissa one of the best singer/songwriters that I've ever heard, she is also one of my best friends who I love dearly and who I am so proud to know. Carissa is amazing and if you haven't checked out this lady's music yet there's a part of you that hasn't really lived!



Holly Taymar Holly is so lovely and so talented and if you're reading this then do look her up and have a listen, she's totally amazing and super special and brilliant x x x



Helen Batty Helen is my very favourite artist and an amazing lady, do check out her paintings x



Christopher Holland Amazing singer/songwriter, player of all things piano and organ-y, wearer of brilliant shirts and super-lovely fab friend!



Alastair Artingstall And another one of the above, the fantastic Alastair Artingstall!



David Ward Maclean The amazing David Ward Maclean is truly one of the greats. His music is simply amazing and he's pretty amazing as well!



Boo Hewerdine One of the most amazing and loveliest songwriters I know and the first person I ever co-wrote a song with!



Rich Barnard My most favourite fruity-drink loving singer/songwriter and friend!



Jack Daniels My favourite drink in the whole world (in a tall glass with diet coke, not too much ice and a straw)



Sam Semple One of the most inspiring, lovely and talented singer/songwriters I know



Elizabeth Cook The gorgeous, amazingly talented and beautiful Elizabeth Cook.



Kacey Jones As well as being an amazing singer, songwriter, guitarist & comedienne, this lovely lady is the official songstress of the Sweet Potato Queens and one of my most favourite people in the whole wide world!



Martin Davis Martin is an amazing comedian and Ive had many a happy evening at one of his gigs!



Perez Hilton I love this guy and his website is a lot of fun! x



Mark (Blind Dog) Wynn Mark is amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing! Enough said.



Richard Thompson What can l say about this wonderful man and his gorgeous songs. Only that they make me glad to be alive, brighten up many a day and l can't recommend them highly enough! Truly inspiring, soul filling wondrous stuff!



Jools Holland The most gorgeous boogie-woogie man in the universe the marvellous Mr Jools Holland.



Van Morrison The totally fantastic Van the Man!



Ray Charles The amazing, beautiful, much loved and missed genius of soul Mr Ray Charles.



Tommy Emmanuel My favourite Australian instrumental guitarist in the whole world and one of the lovliest people I have ever met. His music is so breathtakingly beautiful and inspiring that it should be the law for eveybody to go to his gigs! :o)



Dallas My all time totally favourite TV show! (Bourbon on the rocks at the Oil Baron's Club anyone?) :o)



The Mile Roses Edwina, Kate and Simon's trio xx